A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Since you were kids, you and your friend have always dreamed to roam free with horses in the wild. Today your dream has come true, as you both can now embark on an adventure in the wild plains of the Savannah, dressed to look like a horse.

Can you and your friend run free among your fellow species without falling over? Only your cooperation, synchronization, and determination will decide, as you saddle up, buck-le up, and run with a stable relationship.

Why the long face? Right now, this version is only playable with controllers and with a friend. We're working to update the game, and provide you with keyboard support, and single player for those who choose to ride off alone into the sunset.

TOJam 11
The HueHueHues:
Liam Clarke - Programmer
Calvin Gaspar - Programmer
Sean Browning - Graphic Artist
Ethan Frankel - Graphic Artist
Chris Goodfellow - Musician/Sound

Install instructions

Download the zip files and extract.


Clip_Clop_Windows-2016-05-10.zip 54 MB
clip-clop_mac_1.app-2016-05-10.zip 34 MB

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